Green Initiative

Help the environment just by being a Cloud Telecom member

plant growing in soilThere’s no doubting the fact we all need to make a conscious effort to work towards a sustainable future. We have made the commitment to a Greener Tomorrow and are continually striving to achieve this goal.

Part of our Greener Tomorrow strategy includes our Tree Planting program. We have committed to planting a tree for every new Cloud Telecom member and further trees for every year of custom. Not only will these trees have a positive effect on the environment but they are strategically planted by our partners, Trees for the Future, in areas where they will have positive effects on their surrounding communities.

Below are some of the practices we have put in place to reduce our own carbon footprint. Many of these can be easily adopted for use in your business.

  • Practicing a Paperless Office by not printing wherever possible and only using recycled paper when doing the deed
  • Using Cloud Based Servers, Phone System, Computers and saving electricity compared to locally hosted devices
  • Enforcing paperless invoicing, saving reams of paper and reducing greenhouse emissions on post delivery
  • Using E-Application forms rather than printed applications where possible, saving paper

Make the move toward a Greener Tomorrow by joining Cloud Telecom today! 1800 FLUFFY (1800 358 339)