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Keep ahead of the pack with our range of super fast and reliable business grade internet services. We offer national NBN coverage to business and have access to the national TPG/AAPT business fibre network where we can provide 1Gbps/1Gbps fibre to a large number of business premises. Check out our product offerings below:

As businesses use more and more data it is important to choose the right business internet service. Australia is transitioning from traditional copper based internet services to business grade services delivered over the NBN and other fibre networks. This means that businesses need to make important decisions about how they access the internet and how they will use this in the future.

Cloud Telecom has a range of business internet services including Business Ethernet and Fibre 1000. We also have access to national NBN coverage across FTTP, FTTN, HFC, Fixed Wireless and FTTC technologies.

Cloud Telecom has a range of IT specialists who offer consultation, solution design and service implementation. Combining business grade data with SIP trunking or a Hosted PBX Phone System Cloud Telecom can be your one stop shop for unified data and voice communications.

  • Can I get business grade internet?

    We works with a range of business internet carriers. This means we can recommend a service right for your budget and requirements. A detailed site survey qualification check will be required so that we can provide our recommendations and availability. Head over to our product pages and get in touch so we can check out your address.

  • How long does it take to set up a business broadband connection?

    Installation time frames for business internet will vary considerably based on the technology type. Business grade fibre services can take 60 - 90 business days for installation. Business grade NBN can be activated on same day if NBN has been connected at a property previously or 1-3 weeks if it's a brand new NBN activation.

  • Difference between a business internet service vs residential?

    There are specific differences between a consumer grade internet service that you'd see advertised during prime time TV and a business grade internet service. In the majority of cases these differences relate to speed guarantees, fault response times and service restoration times. It is important to understand how important internet is to a business - and make careful considerations to whether a consumer grade internet service is suitable.

  • Do you get a speed guarantee with a business grade internet service?

    Yes they do! True business grade internet services offer speed guarantees. This is often vital for a business that relies on certain speeds to operate effectively. Speed guarantees are usually possible as a business grade internet service will include guaranteed bandwidth. This means that bandwidth it is not shared with other businesses in the area meaning that speeds are constant rather than variable.

  • Advantages of using business internet vs residential?

    There are an array of great benefits of investing in a business grade internet service. The first is guaranteed speed. This is possible with dedicated bandwidth and often dedicated fibre delivered right into your business. Dedicated bandwidth ensures that your business is not affected by other business users in the local area using the internet. Dedicated fibre also ensures that your business is not affected by other connections in the street. Speeds of up to 1Gbps/1Gbps are possible with certain business grade services. This sort of speed opens up a world of possibilities to a business.

  • Key considerations before getting business internet?

    A business grade internet service is only as good as the network that connects to it. It's important to ensure that your network is capable of running a new business grade internet service. With some business grade services operating with speeds of 1Gbps/1Gbps a suitable router will be required that can handle this speed. Also your internal cabling may need to be upgraded from CAT5 to CAT6 cabling to handle this speed. Our team can assist with an IT consultation to ensure you're ready for next generation internet service.

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