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Whether you’re flying solo or going public our range of business phone systems will enable you to engage your clients efficiently, professionally and won’t break the bank!

Business phones systems come in many shapes & sizes and it’s important to ensure that a phone system operates well for a business. It should provide a high level of functionality and offer efficiencies and ease of use for a business. With the rollout of NBN taking place across Australia it gives businesses an opportunity to review their current phone system set up and requirements and take advantage of advances in technology.

The NBN rollout is putting pressure on businesses to make changes to their phone system equipment. Legacy copper services are gradually being phased out and disconnected and replaced with new fibre technologies. This means that businesses often need to either upgrade or replace their existing phone system to continue using phones across the NBN. With the age of fibre technology and the NBN there are now greater, more affordable options available to business.

NBN brings with it faster internet speeds and this give businesses the opportunity to utilise VOIP technology and move to Hosted PBX. Hosted PBX is replacing a lot of transitional copper based phone system technology. It also gives smaller businesses access to advanced call management functionality previously not available to them. The fundamentals around new hosted PBX technology is that a business no longer needs to invest in expesive phone system equipment that is installed in a business premises. Instead the phone system is hosted remotely in a data centre and telephone handsets connect to it using the internet. Management of the system happens remotely and the system comes packed with features that can assist a business in managing their inbound and outbound calls.

Our experienced team specialise in phone system consultation, design and deployment and service every corner of Australia. If you’re looking to improve efficiencies in your business and take advantage of next generation technologies to manage your calls – get in touch today!


  • How much does a phone system for a business cost?

    A fully featured hosted PBX phone system can cost as little as $20 per user per month with no upfront costs including lines and calls, while on-site phone systems typically range from $1k to $5k+ depending on the size, lines and desired functionality. Hosted PBX systems are infinity expandable and you only need to pay for the extensions that you have active. You can add additional extensions as and when you need them.

  • What are the different types of business phone systems?

    The types of systems can typically be categorised into either Hosted PBX or an onsite PBX. Hosted PBX Phone Systems are significantly more popular given the simplicity of deployment, reliability & massive amount of features they provide. The handsets on a hosted system connect entirely over the internet while and onsite system’s handsets connect to the phone system via internal cabling within the business.

  • What is the best business phone system for linking multiple locations?

    Hosted PBX technology allows us to easily link multiple locations on the same phone system. This is achievable as phones simply connect to the hosted PBX system using the internet. As long as there is internet at each locations, phones can connect. It's then a simple internal call between locations. Calls can be transferred between sites, busy lamp fields can be monitored between locations and calls can be picked up between sites.

  • Why would a hosted PBX be suitable for your business?

    Traditional on-site phone systems will need to be ordered from the manufacture - and a technician scheduled to visit the site and complete the installation. This can take 1-3 weeks. Hosted PBX technology can be deployed same day and handsets despatched via overnight courier. This means that in a lot of cases a business phone system over hosted voice technology can be active and connected in a matter of days. For urgent cases we can despatch phones and activate number same day!

  • Requirements for a hosted PBX system?

    Hosted PBX phone handsets are despatched pre-configured. This means that it is an easy case of connecting each phone to the internet to allow them to register to the PBX network. This does mean that sufficient internal cabling is required and we recommend an ethernet port at each desk or location that a phone will be used. There are certain phones that allow connection via Wifi which can eliminate the need for internal cabling. Cordless handsets are also available. These can be combined with range extenders for large businesses and properties. If you are interested in this just let us know!

  • What to consider when choosing a new phone system for your business?

    If you are in the market for a new business phone system it's important to make one main consideration. Most importantly the quality of internet connection to a business must be considered. If the business has access to NBN or a business grade internet services then a hosted PBX system would be highly recommended. If the business is on traditional copper technologies with slow internet speeds, you may be restricted to copper based on-site telephone system. Our team can quickly provide some recommendations based on this consideration.

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