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Our Hosted PBX phone system has been engineered to provide the perfect combination of functionality, reliability & quality at the most affordable price available. Moving your phone system into the cloud enables you to simplify your communications and eliminate phone system maintenance worries.

Our Melbourne based support team provides our business clients with friendly, first class service if you ever need a hand with your phone system. We also employ technicians across Australia should you need on-the-ground assistance.

  • IP phone included
  • Landline calls included
  • No rental line costs
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A Revolution in Communications

  • Hosted PBX Cost Savings

    Cost Savings

    With significantly cheaper setup costs, reduced maintenance costs and no expensive hardware, hosted PBX is the most cost effective phone system available.

  • Hosted PBX Advanced Features

    Advanced Features

    With voicemail to email, mobile twinning, call recording, advanced call reports, call queuing and loads more, you’ll receive exceptional functionality.

  • Hosted PBX Work Anywhere

    Work Anywhere

    With your phone system being hosted in the cloud, there are no boundaries. Staff can collaborate from home, another office, a mobile or even overseas.

  • Hosted PBX Easily Scalable

    Easily Scalable

    You can grow and shrink the needs of your business without the need for expensive system upgrades or programming, and only pay for the services you use.

  • superfast business nbn internet

    Fast Setup

    With fantastic agility, setup of the phone system is quick. You can have your numbers acquired and system configured in just a matter of hours.

  • Hosted PBX Simple Relocation

    Simple Relocation

    Moving offices is easier than ever before. Simply unplug your IP handsets and reconnect them into your new network; your numbers even stay the same.

Simple Pricing

We provide simple, competitive pricing plans to suit your hosted PBX requirements. Choose from our popular plans below or get in touch today if you would like us to tailor a package to fit your needs.

Our flagship, German-Engineered Snom IP phones are stylish, high-definition, secure, functional and durable. They are the most reliable IP handsets in the market, providing quality your business can rely on.

$19.95per month/per user
($11 min. cost / 24 months)
  • Local calls: 11c / call
  • National calls: 11c / call
  • Calls to mobile: 25c / min
  • 13/1300 calls: 30c / call
Best seller!
$32.95per month/per user
($806.95 min. cost / 24 months)
  • Local calls: included
  • National calls: included
  • Calls to mobile: 20c / min
  • 13/1300 calls: 30c / call
$59.95per month/per user
($1430.95 min. cost / 24 months)
  • Local calls: included
  • National calls: included
  • Calls to mobile: included
  • 13/1300 calls: 30c / call

How does hosted PBX work?

Hosted PBX uses IP telephony technology to provide phone system functionality and to deliver phone calls across data networks rather than using traditional copper phone lines. Unlike a traditional PABX phone system, when dialling a number using Hosted PBX, your call is securely routed to your phone system via the internet, before being delivered to the person you’re calling on the other end. This happens instantaneously and without any difference in quality to a standard landline call.

The use of IP telephony gives Hosted PBX phone systems extreme flexibility. This allows any office, satellite branch or teleworker to connect into the system from anywhere in the world. What’s even better, as calls bypass the expensive copper network, call pricing is much more competitive.

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Hosted PBX Features

  • virtual receptionist Virtual PBX

    Virtual Receptionist

    Direct calls to the right area or user with an ‘automated attendant’ (eg- Press 1 for sales, 2 for accounts)

  • Night Mode Virtual PBX

    Night Mode

    Manually or automatically (timed) divert calls to a different number or message when outside of hours.

  • Voicemail to Email Virtual PBX

    Voicemail to Email

    Never miss important calls by receiving voicemails directly to your email wherever you are.

  • conference rooms cloud phone system

    Conference Rooms

    Host conference calls and join multiple internal & external callers into the same call.

  • hosted pbx ring group

    Ring Group

    Specify a number of users on your cloud phone system to ring at the same time.

  • caller ID phone system

    Caller ID

    Displays the number and name of person (if saved in phone book) of who’s calling.

  • fax to email phone system

    Fax to Email

    Receive faxes on your system which are converted to PDF files and sent to your email.

  • phone number porting cloud telecom

    Number Porting

    Transfer your existing phone number over to use on your hosted PBX system anywhere in the world.

  • Cloud PBX Emergency Failover

    Emergency Failover

    Automatically divert all phone calls to another number in the event of an internet outage.

The Technical Stuff

  • Does hosted PBX work on the NBN?

    The National Broadband Network is a government led initiative to improve internet speeds across Australia. Whilst this is common knowledge to most Australians, many are unaware that this isn’t an optional upgrade to get faster internet; it is actually a compulsory migration that is completely replacing the copper PSTN phone line network. This migration to the NBN isn’t an automatic switch over and will have a direct impact on all communication devices used by businesses.

    The majority of business phone systems will not work on the NBN & many businesses are upgrading to a Hosted PBX system. This is due to the functional benefits and low capital cost required to upgrade. The increased bandwidth provided by the NBN provides an excellent backbone to operate a hosted PBX phone system.

  • Where does VoIP fit in?

    VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, and is another term for IP telephony. Previously it has had a bad reputation as it was mainly targeted at domestic users, and subsequently was run across unreliable, poorly designed networks. This is worlds apart from today’s Hosted PBX services, which are underpinned by business grade VoIP to provide the high quality and reliability demanded by today's businesses.

    In fact, the majority of government and enterprise organisations now use VoIP as opposed to copper lines for their communication, due to the higher call quality and cost reduction benefits.

  • Hosted PBX vs Virtual PBX

    Terminology within the IT&T industry can be a minefield. If you’ve been doing your homework about hosted PBX it’s likely you’ll have come across a lot of terminology which may have added to the confusion, making it hard to compare apples with apples.

    Put simply, hosted PBX and virtual PBX are exactly the same thing. Other terminology that some people and companies use that all refer to the same thing include Hosted Voice, Cloud PBX, Cloud Phone System or Virtual Phone System.

  • Why choose Cloud Telecom?

    Cloud Telecom is a Melbourne-based phone company that was formed to fill a huge void in the industry by providing a personal service to all of our clients. Our commitment to providing the highest level of support is reflected by our award-winning, guaranteed 10 second call answering times during our extended business hours.

    Our passionate team of experts have hands-on experience deploying thousands of hosted PBX phone systems across Australia. We love tackling challenges head on and look forward to helping implement the right solution for you.

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