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The right NBN Phone System has become an important consideration for businesses across Australia. NBN is Australia’s new broadband network which is currently being rolled out across Australia by NBN Co, an Australian Government owned company. The estimated completion date of the NBN construction is 2020.

As NBN comes to an area, businesses must make an important decision on how they will continue to use their phones and internet. In most cases, traditional telephony equipment will cease to work and businesses will be forced to migrate to the NBN.

There are some great positives to come of this. NBN will dramatically improve internet services to businesses across Australia; predominantly through faster broadband internet speeds. With this comes improved functionality of business phone systems.

  • IP phone included
  • Landline calls included
  • No rental line costs
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Key Features of an NBN Phone System

  • Hosted PBX Advanced Features

    Advanced Features

    Comprehensive call management functionality, reporting and call statistics. Get all the info you need.

  • Hosted PBX Work Anywhere

    Work Anywhere

    With your phone system being hosted in the cloud, there are no boundaries. Remote management and configuration at your fingertips.

  • Hosted PBX Easily Scalable

    Easily Scalable

    You can grow and shrink the needs of your business without the need for expensive system upgrades. It's s scalable system with minimum upfront investment.

Simple Pricing

Cloud Telecom specialise in NBN ready business phone systems and have been helping businesses migrate from traditional telephone technology for a number of years. Cloud Telecom now has thousands of NBN phone system users connected who are benefiting from the advanced NBN phone system features every day.

We provide simple, competitive pricing plans to suit your hosted PBX requirements. Choose from our popular plans below or get in touch today if you would like us to tailor a package to fit your needs.

Our flagship, German-Engineered Snom IP phones are stylish, high-definition, secure, functional and durable. They are the most reliable IP handsets in the market, providing quality your business can rely on.

$19.95per month/per user
($11 min. cost / 24 months)
  • Local calls: 11c / call
  • National calls: 11c / call
  • Calls to mobile: 25c / min
  • 13/1300 calls: 30c / call
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$32.95per month/per user
($806.95 min. cost / 24 months)
  • Local calls: included
  • National calls: included
  • Calls to mobile: 20c / min
  • 13/1300 calls: 30c / call
$59.95per month/per user
($1430.95 min. cost / 24 months)
  • Local calls: included
  • National calls: included
  • Calls to mobile: included
  • 13/1300 calls: 30c / call

How does an NBN Phone System work?

In the age of NBN, business phone systems will comprise of IP telephone handsets. These connect to a Hosted PBX System using the internet and communicate using VOIP technology. This new technology brings a host of exciting features that were previously only available on high end, very expensive traditional phone systems.

NBN phone systems include a wide range of advanced call management features. These include: auto attendant, call queuing, music on hold, conference rooms, night mode, external call transfer, “follow me”, voicemail to email, after hours messages, emergency failover, number porting, fax to email, caller ID & ring groups. Cloud Telecom can customise the system configuration to suit your business needs. The possibilities are endless.

There are a number of emergency backup solutions that are included with your NBN business phone system. These include emergency call diversion in the case of a power at your business. In addition, 4G mobile backup can be included. This means in the unlikely event of an outage on your NBN service, your phones will continue to operate as normal using a backup mobile 4G internet connection.

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NBN Phone System Features

  • virtual receptionist Virtual PBX

    Virtual Receptionist

    Direct calls to the right area or user with an ‘automated attendant’ (eg- Press 1 for sales, 2 for accounts)

  • Night Mode Virtual PBX

    Night Mode

    Manually or automatically (timed) divert calls to a different number or message when outside of hours.

  • Voicemail to Email Virtual PBX

    Voicemail to Email

    Never miss important calls by receiving voicemails directly to your email wherever you are.

  • conference rooms cloud phone system

    Conference Rooms

    Host conference calls and join multiple internal & external callers into the same call.

  • hosted pbx ring group

    Ring Group

    Specify a number of users on your cloud phone system to ring at the same time.

  • caller ID phone system

    Caller ID

    Displays the number and name of person (if saved in phone book) of who’s calling.

  • fax to email phone system

    Fax to Email

    Receive faxes on your system which are converted to PDF files and sent to your email.

  • phone number porting cloud telecom

    Number Porting

    Transfer your existing phone number over to use on your hosted PBX system anywhere in the world.

  • Cloud PBX Emergency Failover

    Emergency Failover

    Automatically divert all phone calls to another number in the event of an internet outage.

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The team at Cloud Telecom will conduct an obligation free consultation to understand your specific NBN business phone system needs. A detailed quote will be provided, and professional installation and training can be included. This will ensure a smooth and trouble-free transition to NBN. Get in touch today, we look forward to hearing from you.