Hosted PBX Phone System

Advanced Features

All the functionality of top end systems included as standard!

Cost Effective

Save Thousands in upfront outlay & ongoing maintenance costs.


Enterprise grade service reliability & call quality.

What is a Hosted PBX Phone System? 

Hosted PBX is also referred to as Cloud PBX, Hosted Voice or a Virtual PBX Phone System. It is a new technology that can be described as a combination of a high end business phone system with digital business phone lines. Hosted PBX setups are being used by thousands of small & medium businesses as they offer all the bells and whistles at a fraction of the price of a traditional PABX phone system.

Our Cloud Hosted PBX phone systems are fully NBN Ready meaning your transition to the NBN is smooth & painless.

How Does It Work? 

  • No PABX hardware is required onsite- All that is needed are IP Handsets, a modem/router & an internet connection.
  • The PBX system (the brain) is hosted in our secure data centre and all system upgrades, maintenance & programming are managed by us.
  • Calls are routed through our private networks over the internet and then delivered to the end user over the PSTN network.
  • Login to our online portal to make live updates to your system’s configuration, call flows, functionality & user setups.


  • Upfront Savings – Massive reductions on upfront hardware outlays compared with a traditional PABX phone system.
  • Ongoing Savings – Eliminate maintenance costs and significantly reduced monthly service charges.
  • Feature Rich– External call transfer, conferencing, call queuing, auto attendant and voicemail to email are just the beginning.
  • Work Anywhere – Hosted PBX allows users to work from home, another office, from a mobile or even overseas.
  • Scalable – Your system grows with your business. No system upgrades required, simply add more handsets and away you go.
  • Fast Setup – We are able to get numbers connected, system configured & handsets installed all in under a week.
  • Simple Relocation – Moving office is as easy as unplugging the handsets and reconnecting at the new office. Even your numbers stay the same!

IP Handsets

Engineered in Germany, our flagship Snom IP handsets are secure, functional and durable, providing quality you can rely on. Our modern range of IP handsets feature stylish design and deliver high-definition voice quality through a simple, intuitive user interface.