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Our nbn™ plans have been built to bring Australian businesses into the future of internet speed and reliability. We have specifically engineered our network to deliver exceptional speeds at all times of the day. This gives our clients an nbn™ experience which is second to none.

Our friendly customer support team is situated in Melbourne and is always available if you ever need a hand with your nbn™ internet connection. Our ongoing dedication to providing high-class nbn™ internet enables you to do business faster and communicate more effectively.

  • Unlimited Downloads
  • Business Grade Reliability
  • Ultra Fast Speeds
business nbn

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  • superfast business nbn internet

    Premium Performance

    Priority business data throughput enables staff to work more efficiently and provides the backbone required to operate cloud based software & services.

  • Hosted PBX Easily Scalable

    Business Features

    Static IP address and reverse DNS entries provided for all connections. Additional IP addresses and routed subnet ranges available on request.

  • Hosted PBX Cost Savings

    Free Goodies

    Free standard installation, free Static IP address & free nbn modem for businesses on 24 month plans. Get connected to the nbn quicker, cheaper & easier!

Business NBN Pricing

We provide simple, competitive business nbn™ pricing to suit all requirements.

Our plans provide high bandwidth throughput which is essential for running VoIP systems, cloud software, CCTV and many other business services.

$89.95per month
($2173.75 min. cost / 24 months)
  • XL Speedboost
  • 20Mbps to 50Mbps speed
  • Business Grade Bandwidth
  • NBN Modem Included
  • Static IP Included
  • Free Standard Connection
$99.95per month
($2413.75 min. cost / 24 months)
  • XXL Speedboost
  • 40Mbps to 100Mbps speeds
  • Business Grade Bandwidth
  • NBN Modem Included
  • Static IP Included
  • Free Standard Connection

NBN™ Speed Tips

There are many factors that play a part in how fast your nbn™ runs, some of which are outside of your control. For example with FTTN & FTTB connections, the quality & length of the copper between your premises & the nbn™ node/equipment will have a significant impact on speed and reliability. Operating traditional PSTN services on these copper lines during coexistence will also limit performance.

Everything from the quality & configuration of your modem/router to how you connect to it will also have a lot to do with how well your business nbn™ connection performs. With absolutely everything within your business now running over the nbn™ through your modem/router, it is important that you consult your IT specialist or one of our specialst nbn™ team to ensure you choose the device the is best suited to your requirements.

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