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At Cloud Telecom North Melbourne we are leading the charge and forging the path to helping all Australian businesses transition seamlessly into the future of telecommunications

Leaders in our field, our North Melbourne hosted PBX phone systems are hard to beat. We provide leading services in business communication with our North Melbourne hosted PBX phone systems being the jewel in our crown. We pride ourselves on putting our customers first and have the reputation to prove it. Our quality service is only the beginning, with our best in class phone, internet and cloud services rounding out our offerings.

What are hosted PBX phone systems?

Our North Melbourne hosted PBX phone systems are the next step in the evolution of business phone systems. Hosted PBX phone systems differentiate themselves by being hosted in the cloud instead of being on-premise. That eliminates many of the challenges associated with traditional systems and provides all the benefits of the cloud technology it is based on.


Our North Melbourne hosted PBX phone systems are securely stored in the cloud on a server that is accessible and configurable via a web interface. Hosted PBX phone systems use internet protocol or IP communications, allowing businesses to make calls over the internet. The difference is mostly invisible to the average user. The only change you’ll see is that instead of plugging your phone handset into the wall socket, you plug your IP phone directly into your modem.

Frequently Asked Hosted PBX Phone System Questions

• NBN and Hosted PBX Phone Systems

The NBN, or National Broadband Network, is a scheme put together by the Australian government to improve the speed and availability of super-fast internet across the country. The NBN rollout has been highly publicised but many are not aware that once the rollout reaches you it is compulsory to switch. This is due to the NBN replacing the existing copper network, so it becomes your only choice. This switch isn’t automatic and will take some planning. You can expect this to have a direct effect on your communication devices, so you’ll want to be prepared.

If you’ve had your business phone system for a while there is a good chance that it won’t be up to scratch when the NBN comes round with the most likely outcome being it ceases to function. That’s why many businesses are upgrading to our North Melbourne hosted PBX phone systems. The benefits are immense and, because of the NBN rollout, mandatory. Increased functionality and low cost make upgrading easy. Throw in the perks provided by the NBN’s capabilities, such as increased bandwidth, and you have a communication system that is future proof. Our North Melbourne hosted PBX phone systems are the best in the business.

• VoIP and our North Melbourne Hosted PBX Phone Systems

Our North Melbourne hosted PBX phone systems are built on the best, business grade VoIP, or voice over internet protocol, that deliver top quality and dependent reliability you need to run a successful business. VoIP has had a bad rap in the past, but don’t let this dissuade you. The poor quality of past VoIP systems was due to the inadequate and poorly made networks of the past. This is no longer the case with our North Melbourne hosted PBX phone systems.

An endorsement of this is the large percentage of government and enterprise level businesses adopting VoIP and hosted PBX systems over the old copper network to handle all their communication needs.

How does Hosted PBX Work Cloud Telecom

Why Cloud Telecom

We are a telecommunications company, based in Melbourne, that came about to provide an industry leading approach to client first and personal telecom services. We noticed a gap in the market for a company that delivered first class personal service in the telecommunications sector. We are committed to being that company.

Our team of experts have been assembled due to their unrivalled passion and first hand experience which enables us give the best service possible. We have deployed thousands of North MElbourne hosted PBX phone systems, and intend to deploy over a thousand more. We are your hosted pbx experts and can’t wait to begin working with you. We have the solution for you. All you need to do, is get in touch.

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