How to get NBN Ready

It’s a common misconception that businesses don’t need to do anything to switch over to the nbn network from their existing services, however switching across is not automatic and has an impact on almost every communications medium used in a business. Unfortunately, the nbn doesn’t just mean faster internet. Phone systems, fax machines, monitored alarm systems,… Read more »

Move over 4G. It’s time for 5G!

5G may only be a few years away According to research done by and Tata Communications in their Intelligence Future of Mobile Networks, the 5G network may be as little as three years away. 18% of telcos surveyed in this survey think they may be 5G ready as early as 2018, however most respondents… Read more »

PC Does What?

With the rise of tablets and smartphones in the past three-and-a-half years, purchasing of PCs has been dropping. This is because most people are now using these other devices to handle the tasks that only PCs used to be able to do. The slump in sales has spurned rival PC companies to come together and… Read more »

NBN to assist with roll out skill shortage

The NBN have partnered with ten training providers to address the skill shortage of 4,500 staff ahead of the roll out of their network. The NBN itself predicted a skills shortage could be on the way in it’s latest corporate plan which it warned, could draw out the time and resources used to create their… Read more »

Apple Pay to hit Australian shores this year

In the latest presentation on Apple’s Q4 trading Apple Australia CEO Tim Cook said that Apple Pay, Apple’s digital wallet, is set to hit Australia this year, just in time for the Christmas and New Years sales. “Apple Pay will be available to eligible American Express customers in Australia in Canada this year and is… Read more »

Cloud Computing Usage Increasing

Cloud Cover Keeps Rising Cloud computing has been around for a while, but now it is now rapidly rising with figures from the UK showing that adoption of cloud services is happening faster than industry expectations. As of 2015 cloud adoption rate in the UK is at 84% opposed to 48% in 2010 with almost… Read more »

NBN 3 Year Plan

NBN has announced a 3 Year Plan that sees a large number of new suburbs set to be connected to the National Broadband Network. This is the first time that the hybrid fibre coaxial (HFC) rollout method will be included in NBN’s construction plan. The NBN 3 Year Plan outlines the areas where almost 3… Read more »

nbn Satellite ‘Sky Muster’ Takes Flight

nbn has launched one of the world’s most advanced communication satellites from the Guiana Space Centre in South America. The first of two satellites for the National Broadband Network has been launched to provide Australia’s remotest populations with high speed nbn internet access. It will service the 3% of the population who do not live… Read more »

New HTC One M9 said have 20 Megapixel Camera

The new HTC flagship mobile handset, the HTC One M9, is only a few weeks away and is said to be launched with HTC’s first smartwatch. With Samsung’s grip over the Android market slipping away, HTC is going for broke with the One M9. A Bloomberg report says the HTC One M9 be sporting a… Read more »