Port Melbourne Hosted PBX Phone Systems

At Cloud Telecom Port Melbourne we may live in the clouds, but we are always pushing towards the next big innovation and advancements in technology

Cloud Telecom Port Melbourne is a telecommunication, phone & internet business created to fill a glaring hole in Melbourne’s industry by becoming the number 1 for client-focused service and quality offerings. We are fully committed to providing the pinnacle of customer service and the highest quality product time and time again. We can prove this with our award winning 10-second call answer times which apply even during our extended business hours, all throughout the week.

The team at Cloud Telecom Port Melbourne have been in the game for years with a tonne of industry experience leading to the best service possible. Our fully committed and engaging group of experts have the required skills, gained from years of hands-on experience connecting a range of Port Melbourne hosted PBX phone systems and internet solutions, to put together the right plan to enhance your business today and get it ready for the future.

Let our team of experts steer you and your business into the future of communication with our tailored Port Melbourne hosted PBX phone systems and NBN internet connections. We can handle any challenge presented to your business and can’t wait to help you tackle it. The right solution for your business can be found in the cloud.

A Communication Revolution: Hosted PBX Phone Systems

Our Port Melbourne hosted PBX phone systems are created to be the best performing hosted PBX system on the market. The combination of quality, functionality & dependability are offered to our customers at the most affordable cost we can produce. The cloud is the future of business phone systems, which is why Port Melbourne PBX phone systems are the product of choice for forward-thinking companies. Get ready to simplify your phone systems while increasing what is possible and take full advantage of our cloud services and systems.


Our Port Melbourne team serve all of our clients with first class support, so if you ever have a problem with your Port Melbourne hosted PBX phone systems (you won’t) then one of our team will be there for you. As well as our local team, we have superstar technicians all across the country that can provide boots-on-the-ground service and assistance for any emergencies that might pop up.

Benefits Of Hosted PBX Phone Systems

There are plenty of benefits and features associated with our Port Melbourne hosted PBX phone systems that your business can’t afford to do without. Check out a few of these features below:


Budget Savings

Your budget will thank us, with a setup that won’t hit you in the wallet. Our low costs are extended to our hardware and maintenance so no hidden costs are sprung on you. Our Port Melbourne hosted PBX phone systems are the cost-efficient choice.


Smart Features

Our hosted PBX phone systems are packed with advanced features that will make your old system look like 2 cups and a piece of string. We’re talking voicemail to email, call reporting, mobile twinning, call recording, call queuing and much more. The future of communication is at your fingertips.


Mobile Workplace

The cloud is everywhere, always so that means your phone system is also. Your team will no longer be hindered by connection or communication and can collaborate from almost anywhere they are.


Quick Setup

Noone likes to mess around, setting things up. That’s why our hosted PBX phone systems are super agile with your system configured and set up quicker than you could ever imagine. Get back to business faster with hosted PBX.


Growth Factor

If your business is expanding or shrinking, then hosted PBX phone systems are your best friend as they have scalability built in. No more astronomical upgrade cost or money wasting on unused equipment. Scale as you see fit.


Move With Ease

Moving house is bad, but moving offices is generally worse. This isn’t the case with hosted PBX phone systems and they are plug and play which means you can turn up at your new offices and reconnect your handsets into your new network and away you go, same number and everything.

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