South Melbourne Hosted PBX Phone Systems

At Cloud Telecom South Melbourne we may live in the clouds, but we are always pushing towards the next big innovation and advancements in technology

Cloud Telecom South Melbourne is proud to be at the forefront of all business communication and connection services and supplies. We are the market leader in South Melbourne providing top quality products and services, such as our award-winning South Melbourne hosted PBX phone systems and our super easy and simple business NBN connections. Our client-first approach is punctuated by our commitment to excellent service by extended our business hours and maintaining 10 second answer times throughout. If you want quality, service and the ultimate in reliability, Cloud Telecom South Melbourne is the provider for you.

Our carefully crafted team of telecommunications experts have been selected with customer service and product knowledge in mind. Superstars in their field, they will provide you with unparalleled support and service whenever you need it. Have an (unlikely) problem with your South Melbourne hosted PBX phone systems? One of our experts will have the knowledge required to solve the issue and, in most cases, stop it from happening again. Feel secure in the knowledge that you’ll have the best support and service available to you from a team with years of hands-on experience.

Why South Melbourne Hosted PBX Phone Systems?

We provide our customers with the best quality South Melbourne hosted PBX phone systems. Hosted PBX phone systems are the next step in the evolution of business phone systems. Hosted PBX phone systems differentiate themselves by being hosted in the cloud instead of being on-premise. And that eliminates many of the challenges associated with traditional systems and provides all the benefits of the cloud technology it is based on.

south-melbourne-hosted-pbx-phone-systemsHosted PBX phone systems are securely stored in the cloud on a server that is accessible and configurable via a web interface. Our South Melbourne hosted PBX phone systems use internet protocol or IP communications, allowing your business to make calls over the internet. This new technology gives our customers the highest quality & dependability available in a business phone system. Our South Melbourne hosted PBX phone systems are the only solution for the future-proof conscious business. Moving to hosted PBX phone systems will ensure your business isn’t let behind and stays at the top of your competition.

Hosted PBX Phone Systems Features

The future of your business is within your reach. Join us in the cloud and experience the benefits hosted PBX phone systems and super-fast NBN internet. Watch your productivity soar and your bottom line grow with the team at Cloud Telecom South Melbourne by your side.

Check out some of the advanced features available when you have the power of our South Melbourne hosted PBX phone systems:


Digital Attendant

Calls can be automatically directed to the right department or person thanks to a ‘Digital Attendant’ handling first contact


Night & Day Mode

Setup various call diversions either automatically, based on time of day, or manually. Play a message or divert to an alternative line


Voice to Inbox

Bypass outdated vociemail with direct to inbox voicemail messages. Handle missed calls with ease and never miss a message


Complete Conference

Setup conference call ‘rooms’ that can be joined by multiple people. Internal and external callers in the same conference


Multi Ring Receiver

Have a paticular phone line that must be awnsered? Have one line hooked up to ring multiple recievers on your hosted PBX system


Who’s Calling?

Avoid telemarketing and always know who’s calling. Display the number and, if saved in your address book, the name of the person calling


Fax to Email

Get rid of that prehistoric fax machine and get all your faxes direct to your inbox. All files come delivered as a hand PDF attachment


Keep Your Number

Thinking it will be a hassle to move over to hosted PBX phone systems? Don’t worry as you can keep your exsisting numbers when you move


Emergency Back Up

Be protected in the event of an emergency with all calls automatcuially diverted. Feel safe knowing an internet outage won’t cripple your business

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