Growing, downsizing, lease expiring, merging or eviction.

man moving officeNo matter what the circumstance, relocating a business requires a large amount of work and planning. Attempting to keep on top of the move and run a business at the same time can prove to be a nightmare.

Our highly experienced Relocations Team have managed thousands of successful projects.

Call us today to organise your business relocation. 1800 FLUFFY (1800 358 339)

Our Expertise

  • Organising the connection of new services
  • Porting phone numbers
  • Migrating existing services
  • Setting up call redirections
  • Liaising with other parties involved
  • Phone system relocations

Your Benefits

  • Save money on connection & installation costs
  • Smooth transition and minimal downtime
  • Retain your current phone numbers
  • Direct contact with personal project manager
  • Only deal with one company
  • Stress free moving experience