Cloud Computing Usage Increasing

Cloud Cover Keeps Rising

Cloud ComputingCloud computing has been around for a while, but now it is now rapidly rising with figures from the UK showing that adoption of cloud services is happening faster than industry expectations. As of 2015 cloud adoption rate in the UK is at 84% opposed to 48% in 2010 with almost 4 in 5 (78%) of cloud users adopting two or more cloud services. (Article)

It is also shaking up the IT industry in big ways with the recent merger between Dell and EMC (worth $67 billion) being directly correlated to this rapid move towards cloud based services – as this article by The Economist outlines.

At Cloud Telecom we are well aware of this industry shift and have a variety of cloud based offerings to fulfill your needs and help you integrate this new technology into your business.

One of those offerings we’d like to talk to you about is our Hosted Desktop Solution. Below we list our 5 key reasons why having a Hosted Desktop in the Cloud is beneficial for your company.


With a cloud hosted desktop you can get access your computer desktop, data and applications on any connected device, anywhere in the world! This means that if you’re at a meeting interstate or a conference overseas you can log in and get access to your work desktop, eliminating the need to copy documents, data and applications to a travel laptop which takes time and money. This also eliminates the risks associated with copying data over to a new computer – you won’t double up on documents, or have to email anyone urgently to send over that file you forgot to copy because it’s all there like it would be if you were sitting at your desk!!


All data stored in secure Australian data centres using the same SSL encryption used for online banking and secure payment gateways. Your security is one of our top priorities, so we only use the best SSL encryption to ensure that you won’t run into any problems.


Our Hosted Desktop looks, feels and behaves exactly the same as desktop PC. This means that every PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone you use that has your Hosted Desktop on it behaves in the same way – making it easier for you to use them all as you don’t have to adapt to the system of the device which can be confusing and time consuming for some.


Combine the IT infrastructure of multiple offices, enable your staff to work remotely and increase productivity. This means that everyone will work off the same system wherever they are and reduce your costs as your business’s IT infrastructure will be centralised instead of spread out across your different offices. We can help you seamlessly integrate this into your business culture as well as maintain your infrastructure so you can be sure that it will always be working at maximum efficiency.


Our regular backups and data replication guarantees you’re not affected in the event of a disaster. Just with your data security, we take this very seriously.