PC Does What?

With the rise of tablets and smartphones in the past three-and-a-half years, purchasing of PCs has been dropping. This is because most people are now using these other devices to handle the tasks that only PCs used to be able to do.

The slump in sales has spurned rival PC companies to come together and create an ad campaign highlighting all the new and interesting things that PCs can do – which phones and tablets can’t.

Hewlett-Packard, Dell and Lenovo have joined forces with Microsoft and Intel to create this non-brand specific ad campaign, which has just recently launched in America and China.

“With this perfect storm of innovation, we felt it was the time to tell our story,” Intel’s chief marketing officer Steve Fund said.

“People think having something good is good enough because they are unaware of how much better the PCs are now.”

The campaign highlights how PCs now have better graphics cards, screens with InfinityEdge display, thin designs, the ability to do 360 degree rotations and more.

It will run throughout November to catch the Christmas shoppers with the ads being primarily targeted to those 400 million shoppers who haven’t bought a PC in the last three to four years.

Research group Gartner’s recent personal technology survey has shown that worldwide PC shipments fell by 8% from the previous year during the three-month period ending in September. A poll of consumers held in the same study however, showed that about half of them were planning on buying a new PC during the next year as opposed to around 21% who said they were planning on buying a shopping list – which is good news for the ‘PC does what?’ campaign.

You can find more information about the campaign and what PC’s can do that smart phones and tablets can’t at www.pcdoeswhat.com