Gungahlin, ACT has less than 3 months to switch to NBN

The three month countdown has begun for the estimated 1700 homes & businesses the suburb of Gangahlin in the ACT.

The NBN will be completely replacing phone & internet services that are currently provided over the copper network. Copper services will be officially switched off in Gangahlin starting from 17 July 2014. We have outlined the Copper Disconnection areas in maps below.

This transition to the NBN is not automatic and involves planning and coordination. We urge you to Call Us ASAP to discuss your NBN migration options.

You can check if you are ready to connect to the NBN by entering your address into the NBN Rollout MapClick Here to check your eligibility.

Important Information for Businesses-

  • EFTPOS & Alarm Systems – Call your bank or security company to discuss the NBN compatibility of these devices
  • Fax Machines – Most fax machines are not directly compatible with the NBN. You will need to migrate to a Virtual Fax service. Click Here for more info.
  • Lift Phones & Fire Indicator Panels – Register your details with NBN Co so these services can be identified. Call NBN Co – 1800 687 626

Copper Disconnection Map-

Gungahlin NBN copper cutoff