NBN Co to Revisit all Passed Premises to Fix Previous Installs

Cloud Telecom NBN InstallNBN Co’s CEO Bill Morrow & COO Greg Adcock have vowed to a 12 month program focused entirely on revisiting every NBN ready area to rectify the network for the huge amount of premises that should already be serviceable but still aren’t.

Morrow advised that installation figures show only 11% of premises that have been declared ‘ready for service’ actually had the necessary lead-in required to be able to complete the NBN installation. “If you think about that, 90% of all the installs that we’re trying to do require a construction crew from our delivery partners to go back to these homes, and when they (do), they identify several work… or remediation issues.” Morrow noted that there could be a fair amount of work required to fix the issues, including trenching and clearing large tree roots that are causing blockages to lead-ins.

NBN Co Ceo Bill Morrow also advised that this all this work that is required at every premise is far greater and takes far longer than was originally predicted. “And that has led to long delays in the installation, amounting to weeks and even months in some cases before customers can get their services turned on.”

“We’re working now to address the backlog of premises that are not serviceable, with our clean-up
program,” added NBN Co COO Greg Adcock. “[This] involves us going back to every fibre servicing area module that had previously been declared ready for service on the premises passed basis, and installing lead-ins and getting the premise connection device on the side of the house – so that when an end user rings their provider and orders a service, the scope of work to connect that customer is known to the technician who goes out to the address.”