FaxOut Software Installation Guide

Note- This software is only compatible with Windows 7 & below. Apple Mac is NOT supported.  

Step 1. Ensure Windows Fax Service is installed

  • Check this is installed via the Control Panel.
  • There are a few different ways to open the Control Panel, depending on how your PC is configured.
  • The most common method is by clicking the Start menu, then Control Panel.
  • Then go to “Programs and Features”.
control panel
  • Once you’re in the “Programs and Features” window
  • Expand the “Print and Document Services” section.
  • Verify there is a tick [√] in the box next to “Windows Fax and Scan”.
  • If it is ticked, click the “Cancel” button then continue on to Step 2 below.
  • Otherwise, please tick the box next to “Windows Fax and Scan”, then choose “Next” and follow the prompts.
  • You will need your original Windows® installation CD to continue, since we are installing original Microsoft® Windows® software.
programs win features

Step 2. Download & Install the FaxOut software

  • Download the Fax Software from the below link
  • Follow the prompts to install the software
  • When you get to the below screen, enter the login details provided to you.

Step 3. Sending a Fax

  • From any application, select ‘Print’ as if you were printing a document
  • Select the “FAX” printer
  • Click ‘Next’
  • Ensure the “Use dialing rules” option is NOT selected
  • Enter the recipient’s name in the “To” section
  • Enter the destination fax number (including area code) in the large white box next to “Fax Number:” (circled in green)
  • Then click “Next” on the next few pages, followed by “Finish” on the last page.
  • Presto! Your fax has been sent
  • You will receive an email confirmation on success or failure.