What is “Cloud”?

Simply put, the “Cloud” is a metaphor for the internet. Cloud computing & cloud telecommunications are the next step in the evolution of the internet. They allow things like computing infrastructure, applications, software, phone systems & platforms to be be delivered to you as a service remotely via the internet.

Rather than having the physical hardware like fax machines, phone systems, computers & servers in your office, the Cloud allows you to decentralise these expensive & cumbersome items by accessing them over the internet. Cloud services give you the ability to easily scale in size & quickly deploy new systems without the need to have extensive knowledge on the underlying technology or the need for capital outlay.

The types of cloud services can be seperated into categories –
SaaS (Software as a Service)
PaaS (Platform as a Service)
IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service)
HaaS (Hardware as a Service)