Snom 720 & 760 – Transfer Calls (Warm)

This guide explains how to perform a Warm Call Transfer (announced transfer). This type of transfer is used when you want to speak with the person you are transferring the call to and announce the call to them and determine if you are going to put the call through or not.

Step by Step

  1. During an active phone call
  2. Press “Line 2” to initiate a new call (This automatically puts the caller on “Line 1” on hold)
  3. Dial the extension or phone number you with to transfer to
  4. Press the “Tick” button (OK button) to dial the number
  5. The recipient answers the call and agrees to take the transfer
  6. Press the “Transfer” button followed by “Line 1” button ( above Line 2).
Snom 760 _2

Snom 760

NOTE: The image above indicates the buttons on a Snom 760. The process for a Snom 720 is the same, however the line buttons are located under the screen rather than to the right as on the 760.