Weirdest Google Searches

We’ve all asked Google the answer to something that has been bugging us at one time or another.

Google has been fielding many of life’s questions that we are either too embarrassed or too scared to ask our fellow peers. Millions upon millions of questions are fired at Google’s search box every day.

From how to get away with murder to how to google something, some of the questions we’ve asked are┬áhilariously bizarre and frighteningly worrying.

The average monthly totals of some of Google’s weirdest searches in pictures below-

Is Lady Gaga a Man?

Confused Gaga fans


Why do men have nipples?

We’ve all wondered this


how to win lottery

The easy way out


how to hide a dead body

Because criminals use Google too


is santa real?

Who’s been eating the cookies every year?


marriage advice

We think you’re going to need more than Google


Dating advice

Looks like plenty of us turn to Google for dating advice.


Cat Dating

Apparently there’s a huge market for Cat Dating over the internet…