NBN Co Strike $11 Billion deal with Telstra to Buy Back Copper Network

Malcolm Turnbull and Tony Abbott have officially agreed to an $11 Billion deal to to buy back Telstra’s copper network. NBN Co has renegotiated its original agreement which now includes the acquisitions of the hybrid fibre coaxial (HFC) and copper networks from Telstra & Optus. The previous plan, under a Labor government, was to pay Telstra $11 Billion… Read more »

NBN Co announces 18 month Construction Plan

1.9 Million Homes & Businesses will benefit from the National Broadband Network (NBN) rollout scheduled to begin by June 2016 Unfortunately for the 419 listed suburbs, most will be rolled out using the Coalition’s fibre-to-the-node (FTTN) or wireless technology rather than getting fibre brought straight to their premises. This announcement by NBN Co boasts an “additional” 1.9 million businesses & homes,  however most of… Read more »

Hobart and Launceston transition to the NBN in 2 Months

Roughly 7,600 businesses and homes are a couple of months from being the first to complete the transition to the National Broadband Network (NBN) in the Hobart and Launceston Central Business Districts. The national rollout of the NBN is progressively upgrading Australia’s fixed telephone line & broadband copper infrastructure with high speed fibre, wireless & satellite broadband infrastructure.  Landline… Read more »

How Fast We’ve Moved Online

Moving Online It was only 5 years ago when the iPad was no more than a Steve Jobs dream and smartphones were a luxury rather than necessity. It is crazy to think that only 5 short years on iPads are in 50% of all households and 70% of Australians older than 16 own a smartphone. More… Read more »

Apple iPhone 6 Launch

Apple iPhone 6 just released Apple lifts the lid on the long-awaited Apple iPhone 6 tomorrow morning (Wednesday 10/09/2014) at 3AM Australian Eastern Time. In true Apple style, the iPhone 6 will be unveiled at a major keynote event hosted at the Flint Centre for the Performing Arts in Cupertino. The new iPhone is rumoured to come… Read more »

NBN Co to Revisit all Passed Premises to Fix Previous Installs

NBN Co’s CEO Bill Morrow & COO Greg Adcock have vowed to a 12 month program focused entirely on revisiting every NBN ready area to rectify the network for the huge amount of premises that should already be serviceable but still aren’t. Morrow advised that installation figures show only 11% of premises that have been… Read more »

The Internet of Things! More connected devices than people!

It has been predicted that by the end of 2014 there will be more devices that are connected to the internet than there are people on this planet. Not only is the amount of connected devices growing rapidly, but also is the speed at which they connect to the internet. As the speed at which our… Read more »

Apple devices hijacked & held to ransom

Some Apple iPhone, iPad and Mac devices in Australia have hijacked by a hacker, locking the devices and demanding a ransom be paid to unlock them. Users have reported a message appearing via the Find My iPhone app with instructions to send $50 or $100 to a PayPal account for the phone to be unlocked…. Read more »

eBay Hacked! Change your password!

eBay has just released a statement announcing that their internal & customer databases were compromised between February & March this year. The company is urging all customers to change their account passwords right away. It is the largest reported cyber attack ever, potentially affecting all of eBay’s 145 million active customers worldwide. The hackers gained access to… Read more »

Federal Budget 2014

As we flick through the newspapers this morning while drinking our morning coffees, the harsh realities of the Federal Budget 2014 sink in, leaving an unsettling feeling in our stomachs. Last night Treasurer Joe Hockey confirmed our fears of increased fuel prices, the introduction of Bulk Billing fees, higher fees for Uni students & the… Read more »